About milk chocolate


The Facts about Milk chocolate
Milk chocolate is very delicious and very nutritious type of chocolate which can be used in many different forms. There are few different colours of milk chocolate including white and dark chocolate, but the most common color is brown. Today milk chocolate is the best-selling a variety of chocolate in the world!

Forms of Milk chocolate
There are many different forms of milk chocolate – milk chocolate bar, milk chocolate fondue, chocolate covered fruits, chocolate cake, candies, muffins, cookies, etc. As well there are also new and exciting recipes coming out every day. It is possible to find milk chocolate in almost every corner shop or supermarket. It is a very delicious snack for sure, but it is very important to be careful because it is also full of sugar and calories and a lot of bad stuff as well.

History of Milk chocolate
Swiss chocolatier, M. Daniel Peter, perfected the production of milk chocolate, which is sweeter and smoother than dark chocolate. This is how in 1875 milk chocolate was made. He added water to chocolate and caused the chocolate shrink, separate and generally fall apart. This is because water is a major constitiuent of milk it was difficult to add milk to chocolate without ruining it. It took eight years, but Peter with Henri Nestle came up with the idea of mixing sweetened condensed milk with chocolate.

Because of big manufactures such as Nestle, Lindt , Stollwerk, Cadbury’s it became the number one chocolate product of Europe and quickly spread to the United States. Milk chocolate quickly became the chocolate variety of choice and one of the most popular flavours in the world.

More about Milk chocolate
Milk chocolate is chocolate with added milk powder or condensed milk. Due to the EU regulations minimum 25% of cocoa solids should be used in milk chocolate. It is very heat sensitive because of high sugar content. Mainly because of this reason it is mostly unsuitable for use in baking because it can change the consistency and texture of the finished product, so it’s important not to substitute semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate with milk chocolate not to ruin the recipe.

The quality of Milk chocolate
European milk chocolate brands tend to produce chocolate bars of a higher quality because of the bigger percentage of cocoa solids usage in the chocolate. The less cocoa solids used, the more fat and sugar is added to compensate for the reduced flavour. Good milk chocolate contains pure ingredients with no artificial flavourings added and contained condensed milk or a mixture of milk and sugar. As well milk chocolate should have good smell and melt in the mouth should be smooth and velvety, not grainy in texture.

Milk chocolate health benefits
Milk chocolate on the other hand is not so full of antioxidants as dark chocolate is. But milk chocolate improves people moods.

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