About semisweet chocolate


What is semisweet chocolate?
Semisweet chocolate is type of dark chocolate with less sugar. It is usually used in cooking. Semisweet dark chocolate contains more cocoa solids than milk chocolate, but has a milder, sweeter taste than dark chocolate.

How to make semisweet chocolate?
This type of chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao tree, which are called cacao beans. Cacao bean is processed to produce two substances – cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Chocolate products typically contain different percentages of these two substances. Dark chocolate has a higher concentration of cocoa solids than milk chocolate, and contains little or no milk. The amount of cocoa solids included in semisweet chocolate vary, but typically the higher cocoa solid’s percentage is, the richer the taste of chocolate is and the more expensive the chocolate become.

Health Benefits of semisweet chocolate
The higher percentage of cocoa solids is, the more health benefits the chocolate has. Studies have shown that chocolate can lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol levels, lower the possibility of heart diseases. Cocoa solids contain epicatechin, a polyphenol antioxidant which provides many health benefits of chocolate. It may help to decrease the symptoms of migraines, protect against dementia and raise serotonin levels, which causes depression. Semisweet chocolate also has a slightly lower calories count than milk chocolate.

Despite the good benefits you should not eat it in place of other foods or in massive amounts. Too much chocolate can affect nervous system, leading to lower cognitive ability.

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