About white chocolate


Description of white chocolate
Actually white chocolate by definition is not even a chocolate. It contains cocoa butter, which is combined with milk, sugar and some other flavoring ingredients vanilla to create the creamy confection.

But by the Food and Drug Administration in order to be labeled chocolate a product must also contain cocoa solids from chocolate liquor. Chocolate liquor is not alcohol, it is the thick liquid produced when fermented, dried and roasted cocoa beans are shelled, then ground and it is the key ingredient in all of the chocolates.

How to make a white chocolate?
When the chocolate liquor is pressed, the fat, called cocoa butter is removed from it. So this cocoa butter is the primary ingredient in white chocolate. The cocoa butter is reblended with the cocoa solids in order to make unsweetened plain chocolate. It can also be sweetened and blended with some other ingredients to make the chocolate confection.

The caffeine is found in the cocoa solids and not the cocoa butter so white chocolate does not contain any caffeine.

Like regular chocolate, white chocolate are heated, cooled and processed to make the desired consistency, texture and sheen. The final product are placed into molds to attain the final shape.

More about white chocolate
In recent years white chocolate has gained popularity and is used in baking and candy making often, either alone or in conjunction with other chocolates. The creamy white color and the mellow flavor of white chocolate provide a nice contrast to other chocolates, so they are often paired for both visual appeal and flavor.

When you are buying white chocolate you have to be carefull, cause some some manufacturers products that do not even contain cocoa butter sell as white chocolate. Usually those products contain vegetable oil.

Cocoa butter is a very stable fat and has a long lifespan. It also contains several natural antioxidants and is used not only for making chocolate but for moisturisers, creams, soaps.

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